About this website

This website is a place for me to share new things I’m working on in the areas of web design and development. There may also be some marketing ramblings and completely unrelated information added over time.

The site itself is built using Gulp, Jekyll, Siteleaf, and GitHub Pages. It is an offshoot of the recent website that I built for magicJack for BUSINESS. They needed a high-performance website that also had a very user-friendly CMS. So I started working on the solution. Gulp > Jekyll > Siteleaf > Amazon S3/CloudFront is what formed.

Future posts will be devoted to explaining more about my work with Javascript task runners, static site generators, cloud CMSs, and Amazon S3/CloudFront. Working with this stack has been much more enjoyable than all the WordPress and Drupal sites I’ve built in the past. If there’s anything specific you’d like to know before I post about it, contact me or send me a tweet.