I am a Craftsman

I am a craftsman. I thrive at the intersection between raw creative and technical skills, bending the conceptual into the tangible things that other people want or need. To me, innovation is a sustainable and persistent framework that is cultivated and maintained over long periods of time.

I am dedicated to perfecting the art and science of my craft(s), which I have chosen freely. I never stop pushing my limits. I am constantly testing and experimenting with new ways to expand my capabilities. It is my way of life.

I take good care of my mind and body, they are the tools I use to advance my craft. Rest and recovery are essential to my life: a worn-down tool is of no use at all.

I refuse to waste precious time and energy on trivial matters, trivial problems, and trivial people. I choose to focus only on the most important of demands: those that help me advance my craft or take care of the people who depend on me.

Anything that I can do to improve my craft, I will do. This will keep me busy until the end of my days: a challenge I gladly accept. I am a craftsman, and always shall be.